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A Tradition of Financial Stewardship

Our Client Covenant

Our core mission is to cultivate lasting relationships, approaching our clients with the same care and consideration we value. Our commitment extends to delivering top-tier personalized service through a team of dedicated individuals who take full responsibility for meeting each client’s unique needs. We assure every client of our unwavering dedication, offering the utmost sincerity, fairness, courtesy, respect, and gratitude. Our service is characterized by unparalleled responsiveness, expertise, efficiency, and accuracy.

Benefits of Management

We pride ourselves on offering unparalleled comfort and peace of mind, qualities often challenging to find elsewhere. While we strive to deliver “predictable performance,” our primary focus is relieving clients of the burdens associated with investment management. By understanding each client’s goals, we craft strategic plans to achieve them. While investing inherently carries risks, we proactively mitigate them through diversification, strategic asset allocation, and an adherence to long-term investing principles. Additionally, maintaining regular communication allows us to adapt strategies to evolving investment goals over time.

Benefits of LYNCH & Associates

Investment Management Team

Our investment professionals work in a dynamic environment to manage our client’s portfolios. All of our professionals’ work in a single office and attend our investment committee meetings. Our culture allows for maximum proactivity and responsiveness while continually attempting to cultivate adaptive mindsets. Our primary goal is to achieve optimal investment returns for our clients while carefully considering risk tolerance, investment objectives, and time horizons.

A Highly Disciplined Approach to Investing

LYNCH & Associates prides itself on employing a disciplined approach to navigating the intricacies of the investment decision-making process. Our strategy involves thorough analysis, careful consideration of market trends, and a systematic evaluation of potential opportunities, reflecting a commitment to precision and effectiveness in managing investments.

Continuous Asset Review

LYNCH & Associates conducts a thorough daily examination and analysis of individual assets. Adjustments are applied across all portfolios based on these evaluations, demonstrating a proactive approach to effectively navigate the dynamic landscape of the market.

Account Review Process

Continuous reviews of individual accounts are conducted to determine appropriate asset allocation based on changing market conditions, current investment policy, the client’s goals and the individual asset composition of each specific portfolio.

Our Culture

Investors acknowledge and value our track record of robust professional management and attentive, personalized service. As a result, LYNCH & Associates has experienced rapid growth in its client base, comprising individual and institutional investors, almost entirely through referrals from existing clients.

Exceptional Service

Investors are the foundation of all LYNCH & Associates’ activities. Our team is dedicated to serving our client base, with a reputation for responsiveness and professionalism. We provide clients with the assistance and information they need, when they need it.

Trusted Guidance

Today’s investment climate has become increasingly turbulent, complex and challenging. As a result, we have found there is a demand for investment advice that is prudent, and alert to opportunity. LYNCH & Associates strives to meet that demand by helping our clients clearly define, then achieve their investment objectives.

The LYNCH & Associates Approach

Client Assessment

As a client, we invest substantial time with you to define your current financial situation and future goals by understanding your investment philosophies and preferences. Most importantly, we learn what you want to accomplish with your investments.

Asset Allocation

We develop an asset allocation model that reflects our interpretation of the overall market environment to match your investment needs. We then apply the model to your portfolio to identify optimal portfolio structure by asset class.


Personal Attention

We provide you with an extraordinary level of attention. You will appreciate that we deliver more, and you will learn to expect no less. Included but not limited to:

  • Monitoring all account activity daily
  • Providing easy-to-read quarterly reports, letters, appraisals, etc.
  • Holding portfolio review meetings
  • Quickly responding to your questions and requests
  • Collaborating with your tax professional and attorneys